what is stock market and how to invest money in share market | stock market

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what is stock market and how to invest money in share market

You all must have heard the name of the stock market, the stock market is a market in which the value of big companies is sold at small prices, which any person buys and becomes a shareholder of the company that shares or Stock is called.

Stock market is where shares are sold and bought, it is called stock market.

Stock markets in India are separated in two ways.

1. NSE - National Stock Exchange

2. BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange

You cannot buy the stock directly, for this you will need some kind of broker who takes some of your commission and helps you buy and sell shares.

According to today's terms, shares can be bought and sold in an offline way as well.

The value of the share keeps increasing and decreasing according to the value of the company in which you can earn a very good profit from the increasing share.

The stock market is given great importance in foreign countries and around 40 to 50% of the people invest in the stock market, but if we talk about India, only 2 to 3% of the people here invest in the stock market and quite good. Are profit make.

Investing in the stock market is quite easy, for this you use any offline broker, you can buy any share, but will give you some charge, just give it to you there.

how to invest money in share market | stock market

To invest in the stock market you must have a demat account

How to open a demat account

ZERODHA Broker can be used to open a demat account

It is quite easy to open an account in ZERODHA, for this you will have to go for 300 for a clear time, which is the charge of the demat account, then you can BUY and SELL any share through ZERODHA.

ZERODHA is an offline broker which is running very much in India nowadays, the special thing about ZERODHA is that you are charged a very low brokerage.

You can open a demat account in just 15 minutes through ZERODHA I offline.

Follow the steps given below to open a demat account in ZERODHA

Step 1. Open the ZERODHA APP or website

link--  https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=EA9303

Step 2: Enter your mobile number to sign-up.

To verify the mobile number you will receive OTP where OTP will be entered

Step 3: Enter your full name and email id.

Enter your own email address correctly as you will need to get an OTP again to verify your email ID.

Enter the OTP received on your email to verify your email address.

Step 4: Your PAN and Date of Birth (DOB) are recorded in the field given further.

Step 5: Pay to open an account.

For equity - You pay Rs 200 and for the commodity, the fee is Rs 100. You can complete payment with UPI or Net-banking / Card.

If you do not want to open a commodity account, then UN CHEACK on the commodity account

After payment, you will see a message message displayed on the screen and will receive an email confirming the payment.

Step 6: After completing the payment, it will ask you to add Aadhaar through DigiLocker.

As already specified, you need to create an account of L DigiLocker: Today's Paperless Governance and link your Aadhaar with it. Click on Connect to DigiLocker and it will open a new page to sign up in DigiLocker using your phone number.

If you have already maintained an account in DJ Locker, then click on the sign in button

Step 7: After logging into your DigiLocker account, select Aadhaar Card. If you have created a new account so far, enter your Aadhaar number and verify the Aadhaar using the OTP received on your phone so that your Aadhaar is listed from DigiLocker.

After that, you have to click on your DIGILOCKER with your link ZERODHA.

Step 8: Once your Aadhaar verification is completed, a "Lettuce Finish Application" will be displayed on a new screen.

Here, you need to fill more returns by filling the bank details i.e. your bank account number, bank name and IFS code of the branch.

Below that, you must be returning something like marital status, father's first name, father's last name, etc. After entering, click 'Continue'.

Step 9: Next is IPV verification on webcam / phone.

IPV or In-Person-Verification is a process where the Depository Participant personally confirms the documents and other egos as per law by SEBI.

It is mandatory for every administrator to undergo an in-person verification process before opening a demat and AG account.

Here, they will display an OTP on the screen. You must write this OTP show on a paper or on your smartphone. Then, place a piece of paper / mobile phone with the code in front of your mobile phone / webcam. Your photo should also come with this OME

Click "Out IPV", then click on "Take Video" and finally click "Save IPV".

Step 10: Next, you will have the option to either digitally sign the application with Aadhaar (Mobile O Buffer) or it can be printer or courier. I would suggest you to select the base option as it is a faster method.

Step 11: Upload scanned copy of documents: bank account proof, your current signature, PAN. If you want to trade futures and options, currency and commodities, then income proof is optional and only required.

Step 12: Next, it is time to e-sign. Click on 'Equ eSign Equity' button and proceed to the next step. Enter the 'Receive / Security Code' on your registered mobile number / email and. Click Submit.

Step 13: In the next window, enter your Aadhaar number, tick the checkbox and click on the 'Request OTP' button. Here, enter the OTP number received on your mobile. With this the ESEN process for equity has been completed.

Note: If you have opted for a commodity trading account, then repeat the same process as shown in 'Step 12' by clicking 'eSign Commodity'.

Step 14: After completing application sign up, you have to download Demat POA

(Power of attorney) form, fill it up & send it to the address mentioned below.


Zerodha, # 153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,

J.P Nagar 4th Phase,

Bangalore - 560078

If you face any problem in opening a demat account, you can call the ZERODHA helpline at the number given below.

080 4913 2020

In this way you can open your demat account in ZERODHA and you can easily BUY OR SELL the share from your mobile or computer through internet.

To buy a share, you have to deposit some money in your demat account first so that you can use it while buying a share.

For this, you will have to go to the fund section and click on the Add Money option and add some money to your demat account.

In this way you can earn very good profit by investing in the stock market.

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