What is Paypal and How do use it paypal


PAYPAL is an American company started in about 1998, which facilitates online money transfer worldwide.

What is Paypal and How do use it paypal

PAYPAL provides its service to the people through its website and PAYPAL Android App. Through PAYPAL, any common person or any merchant can take money from anyone or send money.

PayPal is considered a very popular payment method in many countries including India as it is very secure and is used in most countries.

 We can use PAYPAL account on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile and can also be used in Android app, which makes it much easier to use.

If you do a business and want to get money from your customer online in your business which comes directly to your bank account, then PAYPAL can be a very good platform for which you can take money in your bank account. Can

 Whenever you take money online from someone, for this you have to resort to an online service mod, otherwise we make most of the online payment by debit / credit card, but when it comes to any country other than India, we need a WALLET Or there is a need to get an online service like PAYPAL because the payment is not done there directly by debit or credit card.

 You use your bank account to make payments in India, but to pay in another country, any third party service is required, with the help of which you can easily take money in your bank account or give money to someone. Can

 When you take money from another country which is in dollar or any other currency, then that money goes to the third party and convert it to Indian currency there after that it is transferred to your bank account. Some commissions of transactions are deducted.

 Similar service gives PAYPAL with the help of which we can easily take money from any country or if you use PAYPAL there, then PAYPAL account is created with your Gmail ID, so that anyone can send money to you by knowing your ID. Or you can say that your Gmail ID is used as your username, which is a very easy and secure way.

 Benefits of PAYPAL

  •  You can easily take payment from any other country.
  •  You can give your service to anyone online, for which you do not have the tension to take payment.
  •   It is absolutely safe and it is very easy to use.

 How to create an account in PAYPAL

To create an account in PAYPAL, you have to use your Gmail ID. This Gmail ID is also your PAYPAL ID. Just like if you want to take money from someone, then you have to tell your Gmail ID through this Gmail ID itself in your PAYPAL account. Money will come.

In PAYPAL account, you have to enter your debit and credit card details so that if you ever need to pay someone, you can pay through your debit or credit card from PayPal account.

You can send or receive money to the same person who has a PayPal account.

How to create a PAYPAL account

paypal Sing up for free

To create a PAYPAL account you need to follow some steps.

step 1  Visit PAYPAL website (website-- https://www.paypal.com/in/home)

step 2  Click on the sign up button. The signup gender is located at the top right of the homepage.

Here you will find 3 options, you have to select one of them.

    step 3  Enter Your Details
      After this you have to enter all your details which will be as follows -
        Enter Your Name - Full name (on pen card)
          Enter Mobile Number - Mobile number (linked to bank account)
            Address - Complete address (including pincode)
              Date Of Birth - Enter your date of birth (D.O.B.). After entering all these details, click on Agree & Create Account.

              step 4  Enter Debit Card Details

              After this, a window will open on your screen, in which you will be asked for your debit and credit card information like -

              Card Number - Full number of debit and credit card
              Expiry Date - Debit and Credit Card Validity Date
              CVV - CVV number of debit and credit card

              PayPal Account Types

              The types of PayPal account are explained to you next, know about its types.

              Individual account

              We are also called Personal Account Individual Account. Through this account, we can send and receive money from one PayPal account to another PayPal account. It does not ask for your debit and credit card information.

              Business Account

              This PayPal Account is used by the merchant (Business Man). If your business is spread across the world outside the country, then you can create an account on it and anywhere in the world you can send money to your customer and get money from him.

               There are some premium plans for creating a PAYPAL account, you can change any of these plans.

              Select the format of your account. Different fees for different types of accounts. Determine different charges. Click on Get Start below the chosen account type.

              There are different options for a business account, each of which is different.

              • Standard - free,  But customers have to be the medium to check out

              • Advance - $ 5 monthly fee and customer can check out directly on your website

              • Pro- $ 30 monthly fee and you will have complete control over check out

              You will have to enter your unique password which is 8 characters long.

              If you receive a confirmation message from PAYPAL on your email ID, then verify it so that your PayPal account can be activated. (Beware of fake email messages)

              After sign up, you link your credit card / debit card to your PayPal account.

              And also link your bank account, in which you want to accept payment, link the bank account there.

              Now your PAYPAL account is completed, you can use it

              If you have to accept payment from someone on PAYPAL, then you can tell him your Gmail ID, which will be directly transferred to your bank account by PAYPAL.
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