what is khatabook app and how to use it

what is khatabook app

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Khatabook is a digital account diary of digital era in which you can save the history of any of your transactions, which you can see whenever you want, through your mobile.

what is khatabook app and how to use it

                               khatabook app

 The Khatabook app has proved to be very useful for small shopkeepers, merchants like grocery stores, where they create accounts of their customers and save the history of their transactions in Khatabook, in which the message of the transaction also goes to their customers.

 Along with the digital era, now the account diary has also become digital, which has been named Account Book, you can keep your history safe in the account book and you do not have to worry about bursting etc.

 You can easily keep your accounts safe in the Account Book app.

 You can keep an account of your milk, shop, grocery store or any other item for buying or selling.

 Khatabook has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store, you can guess from this how popular Khatabook app is.

   Khatabook is very easy to use and is available in service free here. To use the account book app, you have to have a mobile number which is operational.

  Along with saving your history in the account book app, it also keeps totaling so that you do not need to add your transactions again and again, the account book app lets you add directly.

  You can add both types of transactions in the account book app.

 Mobile bookkeeping is to be saved by small mobile shopkeepers, grocery stores, Maliko through account book app.

Account Book s.m.s. And also sends a reminder through WhatsApp so that the customer can know how much payment has been added to their account.

Transactions through accounts can be easily monitored.

A special link has also been inserted in the Account Book App to take money online, so that merchants can send money directly to the customer and send money to their bank account, which makes the Account Book app even more special.

For this, the customer does not need to come to the merchant, he can pay from wherever he is, after the customer makes the payment, the account book app also removes the transaction history in his account so that the merchant can book the account repeatedly There is no need to open the app

what is khatabook app and how to use it
khatabook app

 How to install account book app on mobile

Let us tell you how you can install the account book app in your mobile and also use it

Click the link below and download the app


Open it after downloading the app

Select your language

You will be asked your mobile number, enter there

There will be an OTP on mobile enter there

Select one of the Business and Personal and click on Next button

Let's write your name in Your Name.

Write the name of your account in KhataBook Name.

Write your business name in Business Name and click on Next button

how to add costomer on khatabook app

To add a customer, you will get the option of Add Customer below, click on it.

If you have the customer's mobile number saved in the phone book, select it

(Otherwise click on contact not saved)

 Write the name of the customer in the inter customer name

Click on save button

The customer's account is closed in your account book app and completes

Now in this you will get two options below and you will get

You can set it according to your own

If the customer has taken any item from you, then add it to your

If you have entered the mobile number of the customer, then on adding the transaction, you will be asked to send the message. If you want to send the message to the customer, then click on send message

If the customer gives you money in advance, then add it to you

The balance above will show the balance of the customer.

If the balance is in red color then you will take it from the customer and if the balance is in green color then the customer will take it from you

Similarly, you can easily use the account book app which is quite simple.

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