Paypal wallet use and Review

Paypal wallet use and Review

You all will know here that while using any kind of offline service, a wallet is required in which you can easily transact money.

Wallet is a service that is able to pay in a short time.

You can add money to the wallet with your credit card or debit card or transfer money to your bank account simultaneously. The same wallet is also in PayPal which you can use as a transaction.

PayPal gives you the facility here that you can keep the money in its wallet, which you can use to make payment at a merchant or anywhere.

To add money to PayPal wallet, you can add money to your wallet with credit card or debit card, which you can also use in a very short time.

Paypal wallet use and Review

When you also pay through PayPal to a merchant, then you are asked for payment mode, in which you can also pay through PayPal Wallet, this facility is absolutely free, it does not charge you any fee.

As soon as you login to the paper, you will see the option of the one on the home screen, in which you will be shown your current balance.

When PayPal gives an offer or cashback, then there is also money in your PayPal account, which you can use to pay anywhere.

 how to use paypal wallet

On the side of the PayPal account, you will see the option of send and request.

When you send money through PayPal to someone, you have to click on the send and click on request when you want to take payment from someone.

When you click on the request and enter the email ID of the people from whom you have to take money, then a request will be sent to them, which can transfer the right money there.

Keeps offering some cashback also, can you use them in very good ways with PayPal and can get great benefits?
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