How to create and use paypal sandbox

                                    paypal sandbox 

paypal sandbox

Create paypal sandbox account

To test your solution in sandbox test, you will need to create two sandbox accounts on the developer portal, one vendor sandbox account and the other buyer sandbox account.

 Here's how to create a sandbox account

 Login to PayPal Developer Portal

 Use your live paypal account or create a new live paypal account for testing

To create a sandbox account you will have to login with your live personal or business. If you line up to apply in the system, you can create a new live account and use it to link the account.

Click on sandbox account click create account

Create two accounts Personal to buyer and Business account to seller

To create an account, use an email address that you can easily identify and remember.

The correct email address is not required when creating a sandbox account, although the email address by the sandbox should not be currently in use or the email address must be unique which only you use.

Create your account by selecting Personal in Account Type Create your seller account by selecting Business for Account Type

If you intend to test PayPal account integration then you should change your Business Standard Vendor Food to Business Pro account

Click on your seller account email and click on profile

Click on profile type, click update to pro your account.

You have created your business pro and personal accounts

When integrating you get your API signature credential information and additional settings

 Integrate and start your sandbox test

Log into both buyer and seller sandbox accounts after running some sandbox transactions from your store or shopping cart

You can get your transaction history by logging into the sandbox in which you will see the entire history.

Create a PayPal developer account

Click on the link below to create a paypal developer account.

Create a PayPal account that you can use to turn on your team paypal developer site

Instead of someone's email address, can use the JC Team email address. An email makes it easy to share your PayPal developer account with others on your development team.

A paypal account that you use for loading into the paypal developer side is a different type of account than the sandbox account you are doing.

paypal verifies email by sending an email message to the specified email address. To enable your account, reply to the paypal verification message. If you do not receive the verification email within a few minutes after Google is up, email the email If you did not make the address wrong or go to the documents folder of your email, check the paypalier e-mail and log in to your paypal account side by side and not the user of the account. Using  id You can access your account

Create one or more that come with the default sandbox and production app

Additional personal and business sandbox accounts for testing

Paypal costumer care 

paypal customer service

Customer service: 1800 419 9833
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