Paytm, UPI & Card Payments directly into their Bank Account @ 0% fee.

Paytm QR code Payment features:

No monthly limit on receiving payments.Zero charges for receiving payments directly to Bank account.Free Paytm QR code for business.

paytm for business

Today we will tell you about Paytm Business, which has provided a lot of support in doing Digital India. This is one of the features of Paytm which has been named Paytm Business. Paytm is not for shops to collect money digitally from the customer where the system is made So that the customer can easily make digital payments ranging from ₹ 1 to several thousand rupees.

They do not have to face any kind of trouble, hence, Paytm has created Paytm for Business, which is registered at the shops and they are given a bar code which the customer can use from their mobile from Paytm application or any other Aadhaar application.
paytm for business

Can pay The special thing about Paytm for Business is that in this you can pay from UPI also, it is not necessary that the customer has only one of Paytm, he can pay from any Bhim UPI, even if he is registered in any company, Paytm. Business has become much more popular in India today.

And it has also helped a lot of people so that there is no problem in making payments even after demonetisation.In order to make digital payments, Paytm has a system called Paytm for Business, shop retail store and many other shops here, to make payments, so that it can be paid easily.
paytm for business

How to get registered in Paytm Business App

It is very easy to register in Paytm for Business, you can download it through an application from the Play Store on Android Smartphone. This application is named Paytm for Business, which you can easily download on the Play Store. Paytm for Business For registration in your Paytm wallet, you must have KYC directly on Paytm's official website, Paytm Can also register, they can easily accept payment

What are the documents required for registration in Paytm for Business

For registration in Paytm Business, you must have a Paytm account, which is required to have full KYC, if your Paytm account has not yet been KYC, then you can get your Paytm KYC done with Aadhar Card, in which you do not have any kind of charge. This service will be taken absolutely free. If we talk about the documents for registration in Paytm for Business, then your It is necessary to have Pass PAN card bank passbookSo that you can also register yourself in Paytm for Business and get it done on any agent, Paytm does not charge any service.

paytm for business

How you can pay on Paytm for Business

Paying on Paytm Business is very easy, for this you will have to open your Paytm account and on that you will see an option on which you click, you will open the mobile camera and by scanning the QR code of Paytm for Business. With this, the shopkeeper's account of the Paytm business will open and whatever amount you make in it will go to the shopkeeper's account there.

How much will it cost to accept for business foot payment

We will tell you that there is no charge for payment payments on Paytm Business. Here are the free features, which is a digital technology to easily make money from Paytm customers through digital way in which any kind of charge from both you and the customer. Will not be charged where 0% charge is service.

paytm for business

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