Fastag use review instalation in english

Fastag use review instalation in english

Fastag is a road tax charged at the toll plaza, which you pay while driving your car on the road from one place to another, to make this payment digital and to pay in less time, Fastag service was removed. Through Fastag, you can pay tax on toll plaza in a very short time.

 How does fastag work

The QR code of Fastag is placed on the windscreen of your vehicle which is scanned by the camera on the toll tax and then attached to this qr-code, the payment is deducted from your Fastag wallet. It is safe that the payment is deposited directly into the toll plaza plaza toll plaza plaza account.

How can you make fastag

You will need Paytm or any other agent to make Fastag. You can use Paytm to make Fastag and you can also use any bank to make Fastag, you can either use a bank to make Fastag. Talk to the agent of or visit the website of the bank on which you want to make it fast.

 How to make fastag from paytm

If you want to make a fasttrack from Paytm, then you can take the help of a Paytm agent or if you want to make it yourself, then you open your Paytm app, then click on the Paytm Fastag, in which you asked for your vehicle registration number. Go there, feel it and you and you will be charged ₹ 500, out of which 100 rupees will be added to your Fastag wallet with your PIN code address below. Please fill out the address with the address and click on Proceed to payment, within 5 to 7 days, within 7 days you will be sent the QR code of Fastag on your address.

 How to get Fastg from a bank

To make FASTAG, more than 25 registered banks have been served here. Go to the official website of any bank you want to make FASTAG, click on the option with FASTAG and register your FASTAG.

How to recharge fastag

 If you have Fastag made from Paytm, then you open your Paytm app and click on Fastag option in it, after this, here you will redirect to your wallet, add as much money to your wallet as you want to add to Fastag wallet. Payments will be added to your Fastag wallet here

 How to recharge bank fastag

To recharge the bank-made fastrack, you can visit the bank's website or you can also recharge through any of the BHIM UPI app. To recharge Bhima UPI Ketu, we tell you a method by which you can save your fastag Can recharge
For this, you have to open your Bheem UPI app and click on it to put Bheem UPI ID on it. Put some kind of ID there that will be made from your vehicle number.


In the place of vehicle number, you should enter your vehicle number and click on the exam MP 04 CM 6474 and click on it to verify the name of the bank from which you had made Fastag, then you will pay the amount of money that you have with your Fastag. Want to recharge
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