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even though the cc9 is a cheaper phone than the mean iron chamois have stuck to their guns in terms of design giving it a glass back and if you didn't know which one was which you'd be hard-pressed to choose which was the more expensive phone there are just a couple of things that give it away for example the screen on the CC 9 just comes away from the body a bit more it's not a bad design but that is something that cheaper phones often have and the other main difference is in the thickness of the phones because the CC 9 has a much much larger battery than the mean iron it is thicker the camera bump also sticks out a little bit less than the mean is the CC 9 isn't a thick phone at all and I for one will take a little bit of thickness to have that much larger battery they both have fingerprint sensors you expect that on the more expensive me9 but it's becoming more and more common on these cheaper phones it's very difficult to tell the difference between the two they both work really

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well the mean iron has fast charging and wireless charging that's really great the CC 9 doesn't have wireless charging and it's fast charging is a little bit slower than the mean ions but it does have a much bigger battery so you're gonna get much better battery life out of the CC 9 they both also have triple camera systems the CC Lions main feature is that this is a camera phone the design on the back of them is again very very similar but shall we say that the CC 9 has a much improved front sensor it's on the top there and it certainly looks bigger than that on the mid 9 you also get this cool little animation when you switch to the selfie camera so let's have a look at some images I can definitely see some differences in the way they make me look my skin tone is completely different on the CC 9 to what it is on the mean iron they have pretty much the same beauty modes you can go into beauty you can remodel and makeup on both of the phones not something that I'd be using but there's

obviously those are filters on both of them as well if I quickly take a photo on both of them definite differences in the colors between them so the cc9 I think makes me look a little bit brighter overall whereas the mean iron just makes me look a little bit more grayed out so these are selfies with full studio lighting and now I'm going to switch one of the lights off to see how the lighting changes and this is with no studio lighting it's really really dark and there are some differences between the two this was taken in a black room the only light was from the actual phone screens this was taken with good lighting and now we're going to test the night mode on both of them I think they're both pretty good being from the same manufacturer the colorscience on both of these is very similar from those back cameras I give this one to the me 9 though I think the dynamic range is just a little bit better on the me 9 compared to the CC 9 when it comes to video though I couldn't really tell too

 much difference between them this is a stabilisation test and they both look pretty decent if you just look in the very far background because that's very bright that would be an area where you'd lose some detail with the cheaper sensors but they both look really similar let's try that test again with a different shot because there are really dark parts of the image and really light parts of the image we can test dynamic range on video there are some slight differences with how things are exposed and maybe the colors are a tiny bit different between the two but overall they give a very similar look from that main camera at the back in this image I think that maybe the me 9 keeps a tiny bit more detail in those trees at the bottom the CC 9 makes them look a little bit darker and so the details are crushed a little bit whereas the me 9 seems to keep a lot more detail in those trees and the leaves somewhere where there's going to be a bit of a bigger differences in gaming and the power of these

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two phones the show-me mean iron has the latest Snapdragon 805 5 whereas the CC 9 is using the Snapdragon 710 [Music] [Applause] so both phones share basically the same design they both have very good screens and very good cameras as well they just differ with the processor the me9 having a more powerful processor and the battery there's cc9 having a much bigger battery and a less powerful processor means that you're going to get a massive amount of battery life out of that phone weighed more than the me9 so if you're not a gamer and you focus on photo and video and selfies the cc9 may be for you 
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