jio new plan and offer today

Today we will tell you about the plan coming after Jio's AYUSHI, from which you will get your Jio recharge, and with more benefits, you will get recharge offers here Jio has made some changes in its plan after the introduction of AYUSHI, in which there are 6 Other calling charges of money per minute were charged, on which Z5O has made additional extra minute plans by increasing some money on its recharge. Area to serve

According to TRAI rules, Jio has imposed another calling charge of 6 paise per minute but still Jio is bringing more than one offer for its customer so that their customer will not remain in Jio in any other company. So, Jio is changing his plan day by day and trying to keep his customer happy there.

In view of the problem of Jio from its customer, it has come out with some new plans, which Jio has named as Jio All in One Plan. Under this plan, Jio will give different packs of ₹ 222 ₹ 233 ₹ 444 and ₹ 555 so that there Suffering
jio new plan and offer today

The most credit of indias digital in jio

The biggest contribution of Jio in making India digital is that Jio has helped in making India digital by running on good data and calling at a low cost, so that people use internet more.

If Jio is compared with companies, then live data and calling plans are much cheaper than other companies, if Jio does not come, then the recharge plans of other companies would be so expensive that the common man could not use them, hence Jio Has greatly helped in making India digital.

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