Disable android push notification on android

While notifications on smartphones are useful, they can sometimes be a pain, especially when it comes to applications that are very insignificant.

 If you have thought about blocking information, here is a guide on how to do it. Method 1 An easy way to do this is to use Android's in-built Do Note […]

We will tell you some other ways through which you can also stop the notification of any 1 application and in this you can avoid the troubles of the notifications of that application.

By the way, to turn off the notifications of the application, you can also close the notification by going to the application manager of the settings, but we will tell you a simple solution so that you can close the incoming notifications either at the time you want or forever.

To turn off the notification of the application, whenever you have a notification in the status bar, type and keep some time on that notification and slide it to the side, which will give you an option of notification off so that you can turn off the notification.

 The method you have told here is the easiest way here, but it is not necessary that the method works here in all mobiles but in most mobile it Does not work the way that you will be able to easily turn off notifications on what went applications and get rid of problems arising from.


Open setting / manage apps or application manager / select app / notification ON/OFF.

Disable android push notification on android

Disable android push notification on android

A notification should be kept running so that the new information coming in the application keeps dying from time to time, but you still do not want to disturb the information here, so according to the method given you Close so that you don't see it from here on.

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