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I just want to talk to you about this stuffstuff I love very much this is a boost converter and the storyabout that is when I was studying electronic I was alwayssearching for how to build my own converters like this my own boostersbecause I was interested by to make car amplifier when I was very younga lot of my research and the studious was about this stuff and it wasit absolutely amazing to see how this kind of device are provided fromAliexpress or Ebay not very expensive price and and it a very amazing Ifound I think because if this stuff are very it very hard to build stuff likethis because if you make a little a little error the lot of components lotof component will be destroyed instantaneously o it very hard tomake this device and so today you will found it on eBay for not very expensiveprice is this a reason why I have a lots of this stuff on my bench and I have alot of so many have some of them here today and I would like just to to seethe power of those device and see reality about the power they are ratedon the advertising they talked about on the Aliexpress or eBay so I just wantedto know with a special device
Anself 1200W High Power DC-DC Converter Boost Step-up Power Supply Module 20A in 8-60V Out 12-80V Adjustable

 I made today if they are they are scam or notof course you can ... Some of this kind of device are used for tocharge the battery with the lower voltage battery because you knowwhen you have to charge an highter voltage battery you need to convert the voltagewith an extra voltage for to create current we on the battery you need tocharge so the device are sometimes used for this reason or force or apollyonwhen you need to create footage for shot but when youhave not enough cell for trouble another voltage so the most common common commonuse this one and this one is the less expensive or of this tree device thisone is rated for 150 watts and it very interesting how to see if this is veryamazing stuff because you can do lots of things with it rechargeable batteries orfor solar panel or - or simply make an amplifier with this stuff this one is anewer piece more modern like the unlike this one which is very hot now thisstuff is rated for to give 12 850 watts yeah you can provide it with between 10and 15 volts and you can have output between 10 and 50 volts - don forgetthis little stuff is very little and very there are there is not lots ofcomponents on it and and of course it give it rated for to give 250 watts Ialready don know it it if it come or not but I will I want you to totest it and to see more about for this device

 you can you need 20 or 20 bucksto have it but I think since long time now the price have decreased now and sothis device is rated for to give some 1200 watts you can feed the country ofthis device between 10 and 60 volt and you have altitude between 12 and 18volts on the output for 1200 watts I don really know for the moment if thisis scam or not so what you need to know about this stuff this they are notprovided for you they are not made for to walk on 12 volt only because when youwhen you talk about boosters boosters are sometimes used for to combat 12 voltbattery for another voltage for to make some amplifier or some force forcharging for for sale for sale main form insulin and so you need to know thanmaybe you want you need you have to test this device with 12 or 24 volts so forto test this device I have made that this Demi load this demigod are verypowerful resistance resistor and they are as you can see here you can see thewire of the resistor it helped me to learn win this with this cursor on theresistor and chose the resistor you need what you have a different voltage ordifferent probes or different power according to the power or twelve it tothe output of the device so for this for to calculate the power Iwill use this very quick made poor meter I made specially for the occasion and sowe will see further if it it it paid with value and of course I havemake some adjustment on this device what you need to know about this device thisis just a prototype and the prototype is not perfect for this device for this useand it gives a more enough a great value but this is not the best prototype

 I canmeet for them for a moment I need to make two to make it more safety morewith more with better restore metallic restore in thiscase this is not althoughrestore which are in metallic this is not the case so this is a very quickMatt phone just to make stop me measurement here so for two suppliersdevice booster I have here some supply coming fromcomputer server and I have both of them like you see here and you can equip itin put it on the cereal for to have 24 volt for true to test those device in 12and 24 volts so for sure beaver currents a quickly measure current you have herethis ammeter it is very simple Im premium come coming before me fromChina country as you see sorry and you have this compliment or to have moreaccurate measurement because this device is erected for 50 amps and those devicegive 60 amps so here I have some fan for cooing videos or the device may be theyprobably get very hot when working and they probably needed to be colored withthis fun a mid here and for those already stock it surely will be veryvery very hot so I have here the fun for sure to cool up this the restorer thereare the are chip architecture as you can see and then image we create for to workin safety so for the moment I need to to switch on the emitter to plug the firstthe still here to switch on here the splitus which onelet just hook them up and see how it how it worked so as you can see heremy parameter is connected and you have the first device and here you have amultimeter for showing the voltage over over the output here and see lets witch onokay the device was on you have the voltage it can output here and Im goingto two-zip the my cursor and the wrists arehuge see the differencelet see help those that you can see you can see that she wants for without30 wattssee those 70 watts for 30 volts because here youhave the words here you have the the intensity of the outputso let see how much was the power on 12 voltsbecause this is a 12 volt model hundred such watts for 33 volts here you can seea 33 volt and 126 watts and try moreas you can see for 400 watts the wood cage the voltage good that goesdown and you will have only 70 volts here so for 24 volts of the maximum youexpect for to havefor to have 120 words is 24:23 worlds for to have 120 volts it hot a lotokaynow let connect it to 24 wordsand see now you are hot you have always fancy words in the outfit and let seenow from the beginning how much power those okay such 35 for 13 volts on empty70 watts100 watts136 35 422 j9 whatnow 186 watts for nine for 30 volts for Conrad 24 to 20 to 30 volts237 volts for 428 to become become very hotlet see now here200 for 33 words okay if you use this device for to combat 24 to 23 is notuseful but anyway it able to provide for 30 for 30 words provide 150 volts190 okayfor a G H word for 28 volts for him it polite 230becomes becomes very hot so this little device is very powerful but it morepowerful on 24 volts of course but okay we can have the equipment power for thisdevice now

let test this onenow we are connected with the meter boost hereunfortunately this supply are very noisy we are connected on to evoke here andthis device is connected on 12 volts you can see here the voltage output and youwill see here the the power which which is able this device to provide so thestart here 40 volt here what you wouldPortugal to almost 40 vote for mana when I 130 such a watts for thought she wouldso here how much 200 watts 440 volts if we reduce resistor you can see the powersignificantly decreasing so the maximum power for this device is 200 440 voltsso this device is very nice and so let try it with 24 voltsMarshallso the two chief forwards are connected nowhere you have the computer for to see if the measurement here is the same thanthis one and so now we are we have always 40 volts of the octopus thisvoltage here is just for to supply the fans because this resistor becomes veryhot and so were trying to see the same and begin from from hereas you can see 65 watts forfeiture would so I will jump directly to this 104fortunes180 words for 36 was very strangeso 120that a really strange but this is not the same way that the Wizards and itslike a very softly this time114one forfor I don really understand what what happening with this stuff becausewhen you increase one gauge on the input the the efficiency is not the same soit have only
only on hereonly 140 well this is the maximum yes one of the 5413 words okay so thisdevice is a little bit strange it it react differently when you wouldnapply all right well till even the input the efficiency decreases significantlyso Toki I I guess for many purpose it enough to have this device but it astrange doctor act like like I wasn expected so now let try this one whichcan be a little bit dangerous because it have advantage of the output herelet try this one okay the 12-volt are connected to this minuteand as you can see during the test before I meant the video this jig thetesting the power the shoes how completely blown so today this littlestrapped I hope this will be okay before in for testingso now we are the H key word here output here we are the AG would hit here and soneed to be itll be carefully list because each event is a little strong sowe can use just thisand .

Amaze Electronic 150W DC – DC Boost Converter 12 – 35V / 6A Step – Up Adjustable Power Supply
she held the poem it made I hope it doesn burn okay250 volts 480 words from 12 words as you can see - 26 camps and here Im going totest one one resistor now okay as you can see the strap IMed have have melthere it got some lot of power okay I need sure well do with thisstrap before before weakeningokay bad waysthe Jutes they playin500 watts and 50 ampsokay chance this is really for 12 words the sock very nice it hard perfectly8h wordswhich is very nice so I guess if I push the the power I will destroy the fuseagain I think I need to to make to achieve what 24 volt here for chewingfor to decrease current let change the current now okay now this is always akey belt but 24 volts now for true to change the power factor so when I justtry it by this one 250 watts and yeah 500 then they need to be careful nowso I will reduce the restore here 600 watts very careful now800 watts 420forty-fourvery good let try again 700 okayokay the maximum of this device is 800 what Radames output for 4h volts outputbecause if I want to reduce the the resistor output of the power

seconddecrease as you can see here I will have with the 800 watts and and if I go hereI have less so you can you can adjust this device is may be okay for 800 whatelements out groups and not 1200 so I think this is enough for today I havedestroyed my biggest store with a spark gap hereokay this culture is a very powerful and it can be very useful for many thingswant to have a more voltage and you can see with this video it can it can have alot of power with 12 volts or with a 24 volts for to have each one for forsome reason from what you need to do with this kind of stuff you can feel itthe heat of the resistor because I have forget to plug in the fan of course Idon you don want to touch it will stop it a very hot so the good thingwith this this parameter its can it can work withwith DC currents or DC voltage and will alternative current this is the goodthing with this poor meter so this is all for today I hope you enjoy thisvideo and see you soon.
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